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Posted on January 4, 2019 in

As I’m sitting here in Chattanooga on a double stuffed futon under some beautiful light strands, the rain pitter-pattering outside in front of a crackling fireplace on the screen of a largely oversized tv that came with the place we’re renting… I’m feeling ready for this new energy in the new year. Aren’t you? 

This new blog is a way to start fresh. It will be my attempt to keep you notified of the what have you’s, the whose who’s, the whatchamacallits, however infrequent or frequent I’m able to. We’re shooting for a weekly deal here, but I’ve got severe ADHD.

We’re starting a three day juice cleanse tomorrow. No food, alcohol, caffeine, meat, wheat, sugars, salts, dairy or any other glorious substances. I’ve never done any sort of cleanse or fast and eat every four hours while I’m awake, so this should be a piece of cake (oh my, I already miss you). We’re also doing a 30 day yoga challenge, and my flexibility has increased by 5% so far. 

Even cooler, my wife Emily and I had our very own home on wheels, Black Betty, featured in Void Magazine. We look damn good. Additionally, my first tune for this project “Happy Life” has a video releasing January 18th in full, with a teaser on the 11th. I structured it that way because I’m experimenting.

Toodles for now kittens!

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