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Nicholas Edward Williams


The Eve Before Elvis Night

We’ve pulled in to the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park and Campground for the night, passing through on our way to South Florida Folk Festival. This is a special place in my heart. I grew up here as a musician playing festivals like Magfest, Springfest and eventually large gatherings like Hulaween. Emily and I had…
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Night Owl – Who Cooks For Youuu?

I’ve been driving for six hours towards Florida, and hit the podcast fulfillment level needed for the day, so we’re parked in a huge square dirt parking area near the highway. There’s nine semi trucks humming low as usual, along with an interesting and random pair next to them: a mini van and a smaller…
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Noisy With A Chance Of Sunshine

The cacophony of patrons inside this tightly knit cafe in Fernandina Beach, FL, all alive and energized from the warm sunshine, mostly post church service attendees, is surrounding me and my computer while I work frivolously on outlining the next several months of promotions for this music I’ve created. I’m not hungry yet, I made…
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As I’m sitting here in Chattanooga on a double stuffed futon under some beautiful light strands, the rain pitter-pattering outside in front of a crackling fireplace on the screen of a largely oversized tv that came with the place we’re renting… I’m feeling ready for this new energy in the new year. Aren’t you?  This…
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