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“Beautiful...a delight to the ears.”

-BBC Radio Norfolk-

“Beautifully uplifting and rootsy..."

-Folk Radio UK-

“Featuring some tasteful Doc Watson-inspired fingerpicking and a lyrical style reminiscent of John Prine’s early ’70s output, as well as some skillful whistling...”

-Void Magazine-

"Haunting the corners of the folk, Americana and bluegrass genres..."

-Live for Live Music-

“Nomadic Folk told through a contemplative lens...”

-Paste Magazine-



As I Go Ramblin' Around

2019 / Red Barn Studio


Whether it's a treehouse, a listening room, a dive, a park, or a library, come catch me at a venue near you.

About Nicholas

More than ever before, a wealth of people are writing songs and playing the acoustic guitar. So much so, that it can be perceived as a tired idea. But every once in awhile, there are artists that come into the fold who are living the unique music they create. Such is the case with Seattle-born fingerpicking stompbox rover, Nicholas Edward Williams.

"Williams’ nomadic folk is told through a contemplative lens. Topics range from time in nature, moral struggles, gained and lost love, land conservation, and political agendas of profits over people.”

- Paste Magazine

"Absolutely beautiful... a delight to the ears."

- BBC Radio Norfolk

"Haunting the corners of the folk, Americana and bluegrass genres with his singular blend of soul and hope."

- Live For Live Music

“His nomadic folk is sprinkled with societal commentary about the current state of American affairs and the more grounded nature of day to day relationships.”

- Folk Radio UK

“Over the course of the last decade, Williams has been a student, immersed in the varied styles available in the American Roots songbook. This Land introduces the man who has staked out claim in its territory…”

-The Alternate Root

"More than anything else, this is an album with a worthwhile message on which Williams has done Guthrie and Seeger proud."

- Songwriting Magazine